Take a look at how the new version of NEWTON Dictate can speed up the processing of lab results by up to 60%.

The Fingerland Department of Pathology in Hradec Králové carries out as many as 2,000 laboratory examinations every day. The doctors dictate their findings which then must be transcribed as soon as possible and transferred to the information system, which means a heavy workload for all involved.

Following the introduction of the automatic speech recognition program NEWTON Dictate, not only did the processing speed increase significantly, but the error rate was reduced in comparison to the manual transcriptions.

Doctors use the latest Philips SpeechAir digital dictaphones to dictate their results, after which the recordings are automatically downloaded to the server where the NEWTON Dictate software converts speech to text. The resulting text is then transferred to the laboratory information system. All that remains to be done is the final check. “Most of the corrections are only trivial errors or substitutions, because the automatic transcription is very accurate thanks to the specialized dictionary,” says Prof. MUDr. Ales Ryska, Ph.D.

NEWTON Technologies provided the Fingerland Department of Pathology in Hradec Králové with a complete dictation system ranging from doctors’ dictaphones, the Philips SpeechExec workflow, automatic transcription by NEWTON Dictate, to the export of finished documents to the laboratory information system.