This new version of NTeX enables you to have full control over your automatically recognized text at all times. Improved timestamps ensure a more accurate link between the text and sound, making work with the program more comfortable and versatile. Users can also look forward to automatic document diarisation and other improvements.

The program features a brand new solution for working with timestamps in the text. This ensures quick navigation and seamless work with the text.

This new concept of timestamps has also made it possible to improve exporting subtitles in SRT or XML formats.

The new “Align Text with Audio” feature is used to recalculate timestamps for documents from previous versions.

We have also added a “Renew Auto-transcription” function, which replaces the existing content in the editor with text obtained from the transcriber.

When editing the text during an ongoing transcription, the audio in the player is automatically updated every 10 seconds or whenever you hit pause. This allows you to edit the text within seconds of it being transcribed.

We’ve also worked on improving ergonomics. We have hidden everything that the user does not need to see in the given context. For instance, the stop button is visible only when the program is transcribing something.

The response time and overall speed of the program have also greatly improved.

The program can now transcribe directly from the SoundCloud service ( Your favourite podcast will start transcribing automatically after you enter the page URL.

Other minor enhancements:

  • In the program settings, it is possible to turn off automatic searches for updates, making sure that the program won’t look anywhere outside Nanogrid.
  • Functions that may affect your content in any way will always ask to make sure that you have saved everything you need.
  • For those who like more internal information we have added a visualization of every word’s position in both text and sound. Simply select the word and its position information will appear in the status bar.
  • The menu newly contains all the important features that had been missing until now.
  • The program supports the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + P on Windows and CMD + P on macOS, which are used to start and stop playback at point of the cursor.

The program now fully supports the new features of the NanoGrid cloud platform.

The most significant change is the presence of all 18 languages as well as the so-called diarisation function, which can divide the transcribed text into paragraphs based on who the speaker is. Each speaker has a unique code which stays the same throughout the entire recording and is used to mark the paragraphs associated with the given speaker. Users can easily change this code to the correct name or text that suits their purposes and this can be done for the entire recording at once.

The diarisation data is also part of our NTA format, which is used by NTeX to store files where the text is linked to sound. The data can also be saved to an external JSON file.

Diarisation is a licensed feature, so do not hesitate to ask for a test version.

Final tip: You do not have to relog in order to activate new features. All you have to do is click on the light bulb icon in the top right-hand corner of the menu. A new section of “Extended Information” will appear underneath the editor. Simply click on the connected arrows icon in the menu, and the program will check for new permissions and display any new features which may be available.

Have fun working with the new version of NTeX!