New version of NEWTON Dictate 5.1 brings a more accurate and faster speech recognition, support of new languages and new functionalities.

A new version of the professional program for automatic transcription of speech into text NEWTON Dictate 5.1 is available. Thanks to new acoustic models and improved dictionaries is the program faster and more accurate.

The language support is also improved, you can dictate in Czech, Croatian, Polish, Slovak, Slovene, Serbian and Russian.

The Mini functionality, which enables dictation into any program, has also been enhanced. Voice commands and formatting have been simplified.

The program supports newest Philips and Olympus voice recorders and accessories.

Key characteristics:

  • Creating documents up to 2x faster than writing
  • High recognition accuracy using deep neural networks
  • Specialized dictionaries for professionals in judiciary, medicine or government
  • Intelligent templates for document creation

The users of NEWTON Dictate 5.0 will be offered an automatic update to this new version. If you are using any older version, we recommend to update it to the current version. Contact our Customer Support: [email protected]. You can also try the program for free, a demo version is freely downloadable on our website

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