Transcription from the website of Czech Television or FTV Prima and speed optimization for longer recordings. Learn what’s new in NTeX.

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  • Transcription from iVysilani website by Czech Television is now supported.
  • Transcription from the website of FTV Prima, Czech TV channel, is now supported.
  • Transcription from Norwegian and Swedish portals is now supported.
  • Information about the transcription language embedded with each NTA file is used for selection of spell check vocabulary. This information has higher priority than currently selected language of transcription in the application. That helps solving spell check issues in case that your currently selected language for transcription is e.g. Czech, but then you open NTA file transcribed previously e.g. in English.
  • When you select the option “Transcribe URL” and insert your link, the application now checks, if the website or stream format is supported. If so, then the field changes its color and informs you that the requested website or stream is supported.
  • Speed optimization for longer recordings.
  • Copy + Paste contextual menu is now available when inserting your stream link.

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