API interface

Thanks to a fully customizable API interface, integration into customer systems is quick and inexpensive.

Interested in using Nanogrid speech recognition in your application?

See our APIs and projects available on GitLab, which describe the possibilities of connecting to Nanogrid.

Our APIs

  2. Websocket
  3. GRPC

Detailed description NanoGrid API.

In order to add your user words into the Nanogrid lexicon, you need to use the supported phonetic alphabet. Learn more about how to proceed here: https://nanotrix-models.gitlab.io/g2p-manuals/

Demo projects

.NET Starter

Demo project for .NET developers, which demonstrates the integration possibilities.

Project: https://gitlab.com/nanotrix/ntx-net-starter


Simple web REST API or websocket API. Available with demo for Node.js or CURL.

Project: https://gitlab.com/nanotrix/ntx-js


GRPC client in .NET Core.

Project: https://gitlab.com/nanotrix/ntx