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We understand the voice of 1 billion people

We understand the voice of 1 billion people

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Unlock the full potential of the human voice

Solutions for transcribing audio recordings

NEWTON SpeechGrid

A complete workflow for automatically transcribing audio recordings. You can have fast access to highly accurate transcripts of audio recordings featuring interviews, meetings, podcasts and other sources. Our technologies can recognize and transcribe speech in 18 languages. We also help provide the hardware necessary for making the recordings, as well as a user interface for editing the texts.

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Solutions for call centres

NEWTON Analytics

A set of tools for the automatic processing and analysis of audio recordings, especially telephone calls. NEWTON Analytics includes a module for the automatic conversion of audio recordings into text formats.

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Solutions for dictation

NEWTON Dictate

A program for automatically converting voice to text. It is ideal for dictating longer texts into any program. By utilizing neural networks, our technologies ensure a more accurate and significantly faster transcription of dictated texts.

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Languages supported

We understand the voice of 1 billion people

Our applications can automatically recognize speech with high accuracy for all of the major Slavic languages. Furthermore, we specialize in languages spoken in regions where our company operates: Central, Eastern and Western Europe.

We understand the voice of 1 billion people


















Our team

For us, understanding a new language means understanding its speakers.

Lenka Weingartová, Linguist
Lenka Weingartová, Linguist

Respecting the human voice is of utmost importance to us.

Pavel Barták, Product Manager
Pavel Barták, Product Manager

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Jan Papoušek, Customer Support
Jan Papoušek, Customer Support

Try out for yourself how much faster and more comfortable dictation is compared to typing. You’ll immediately get used to having the computer obey your every word.

Jaroslava Schmidtova, Sales Representative
Jaroslava Schmidtova, Sales Representative

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