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Solutions for transcribing audio recordings

NEWTON SpeechGrid

NEWTON SpeechGrid is a complete workflow for the automatic transcription and processing of audio recordings. It includes NEWTON NanoGrid, a powerful Cloud infrastructure with APIs for online speech recognition. The version NEWTON MiniGrid is also available and is recommended for use in closed business systems. Editing tools and demo projects are also included.

The NTeX program is freely available for download. After installation it requires you to sign in to the NEWTON SpeechGrid service.

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Solutions for call centres

NEWTON Analytics

A set of tools for the automatic processing and analysis of audio recordings, especially telephone calls. NEWTON Analytics includes a module for the automatic conversion of audio recordings into text formats.

Contact us for access to the demo application.

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Solutions for dictation

NEWTON Dictate

A program for automatically converting voice to text. It is ideal for dictating longer texts into any program. By utilizing neural networks, our technologies ensure a more accurate and significantly faster transcription of dictated texts.

Download and install the application.

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